Friday, 16 December 2011

Frantic Thursday.

It seems that people have begun to realise Christmas is just over a week away and panic to get things done has set in.

Yesterday, the phones at work were manic. From 8.30am, right through the day it was non-stop attitude. The spirit of Christmas could not have been further away with people demanding, shouting and generally being unpleasant over.............well, not a lot really. It's as if the stress of Christmas approaching has suddenly decended and people have lost the ability to be reasonable.

As with all businesses we issued Christmas closing dates, final order dates for pre-christmas delivery and even allowed room on the production planner for those last minute must haves. It seemed pretty covered.

But not when you have customers who seem to think that a 'made -to-measure' product is somehow sitting on the shelves in the factory just waiting for their call. As if we have a crystal ball to tell us what fabric, colour, size they are going to order so that we can just pick it straight from stock.

No, it doesn't work like that.

And so we fielded calls throughout the day trying not pass on the mood of our customers to each other, and we survived until it was time to turn the lights off and go home.

I expect today will be no different.

Hey Ho, one more week to go!
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