Monday, 9 January 2012

Who's most nervous?

It's 4am and I am awake thinking of a dental appointment taking place later this morning to have a tooth extracted. Not a pleasant experience at anytime but a necessity today due to a problem with an abscess. It only requires a local anaesthetic and I'm sure I won't feel a thing. We have a pot of ready made stew for tonight's dinner and a quiet evening planned incase of any after effects from the appointment.

So, all that remains for me to do is to remember to leave work in time to pick Neil up and take him for his appointment. 

He's the one that's having the tooth out yet he's sleeping soundly and I'm the one that's up in the middle of the night thinking about it.

Mind you, I do like the early hours of the day, especially when the night sky is as bright as it is this morning. The moon is incredible bright and the back garden is lit up better than on some of our recent, grey winter days. It's also warmer tonight (10c) than recent days too. Brandy often comes down with me when I have my night time wanders and we were both sat outside for several minutes gazing at the sky, mug of hot chocolate in hand. These are the types of nights I loved in Spain when we lived in the mountains, the sky would be a carpet of stars, layer after layer of them. These were the types of nights when there would be a constant noise of wild animals moving around the rambla, nothing could be seen but plenty could be heard. It could be quite eerie.

Here, there's too many street lights to see more than the very brightest stars but I know they're all out there now. The night is completely quiet, not an animal stirring, not even the sound of cars in the distant, the only noise breaking tonight's silence is that of the freezer in the corner of the kitchen, humming quietly as it turns itself on and off.

The Spanish have a special word for this time of the night, but for the life of me I cannot think what it is. That's going to keep me awake for the rest of the night until I remember. Still, it's better than being kept awake thinking about someone elses dental appointment.

Mmmmm, now got it - madrugada - thank goodness for the internet!

Maybe now I can get some sleep!

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