Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Scan Time

After my recent accident the doctor decided it was prudent for me to have several tests, one of which  was a CT scan to check I have a brain. I suppose that's understandable in view of what happened. After all, it's not normal to drive into a brick wall.

Many years ago I had an MRI scan on my neck and had a serious attack of claustrophobia, panic set in and I was firmly of the view that I would not be able to go near the machine again without enough sedatives to knock out an elephant.

So, the thought of a CT scan had me seriously worried, not so much from the results as much as the actual process.

And so the day arrived and I had Neil drive me to the hospital as I wasn't sure I would be calm enough to drive home after the scan.

The MRI scan had lasted 20 minutes, I had to have a heavy plate on my chest and my arms fastened to my body to stop me moving, it was torture.

I had been told the CT scan would no take as long, would be over in about 10 mins and would not be as bad. I wasn't convinced.

On arrival there were 2 elderly patients with carers waiting ahead of me. The elderly gentleman was in a wheelchair. He had a habit of shouting out every couple of minutes which made me jump and he didn't seem to understand why he was there. They called him in and told me it would be my turn soon.

The other patient was an elderly lady, who sat with her carer looking through magazines. After only a couple of minutes the elderly gentleman came out and she was called in. It was all happening very quickly. 

2 minutes more and I was called through and the mystery as to the speed was solved when the nurse asked me if I too was going to be a difficult patient, as the elderly gentleman had refused to lay down still and they had been unable to catch the elderly lady as she ran around the room.

Infront of me was the machine and as I looked at it the nurse asked me if I'd seen one before. I answered no, but that I was familiar with an MRI scanner and had not had a positive experience. She told me it was a lot quicker, a lot quieter and was a donut not a tunnel and that they referred people for a CT scan that weren't able to tolerate the MRI scanner. I filed that bit of information away for future use, I can tell you.

And so, I lay down on the bed and awaited the 10 minutes of scanning. 2 minutes later it was all over. What a doddle. No stress at all.

And so, I am now waiting for a non-phone call. My consultant said if they find something, anything, they'll ring me. So no phone call is a good thing. I'm just not sure how long I have to wait not to get a phone call before I can be sure they haven't found anything rather than they are still looking.

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