Saturday, 15 June 2013

Do we really need a Diesel Particulate Filter? Part 2.

To keep matters simple, I am not going to go into the technicalities of what a DPF does, all you need to know is some diesel cars have them... and some don't. It's all to do with exhaust emissions, and even without one a car still passes the emissions test.

When I ask the question, 'Do we need one?' I mean does the car we have, have to have one or can it be removed, and you may be wondering why such a question would even go through my mind.

Well, after a lot of research I discovered that the parts at £145 each (see previous post) were indeed the wrong part. They fit a Jaguar without the DPF, the ones we need are to fit a Jag with a DPF. I rang the online parts company and put this logic to them and they checked and confirmed, if we had a DPF their parts would not fit. And then the real sting in the tail, he told me that the parts we needed are only available as genuine Jaguar spares at... £745 each.

Another call to the garage to question their initial estimate of £1,200 and it turns out that when they had contacted the local Jaguar dealer for a price they had been given the price for the cats without the DPF, (hence the online company telling me they were the right parts), the right parts pushed the estimate above £2,000.

And at this point I started to ask whether it was possible to remove the DPF and fit the none-DPF cats.

'Well, yes, it can be done and we could do it', the mechanic answered, 'but the engine would need remapping'.

More research, what does remapping mean and can I find anyone to remap a Jag.  And then I had  'Eureka' moment. I checked Ebay and found a pair for sale, used. Now, I am cautious what I buy from Ebay but it set me thinking about used spares, and I searched for Jaguar Breakers Yards. Another while on the internet and I had made contact with a company that specialise in breaking down Jaguars. They could supply the right parts, delivered to the garage for £430. The car was an insurance write-off, and the spares come with warranty. Result.

So, instead of £1,700 (including the sensors) the parts are costing us £430.

We are now in the hands of the dismantlers, fingers crossed it will all go to plan and we shall soon have the car back on the road.

Now, I'm waiting for a quiz question on catalytic converters & DPF's, 'cos trust me... I'd know the answer! 
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