Saturday, 23 April 2016

What more can we do to test the cat...?

Whiskas is 11 years old. She behaves like any normal cat.

So last year we introduced a hamster to the house.

The cat is curious and often sits and watches the hamster in its cage, although she doesn't stay around when he is in his hamster ball, as he rolls at her like a bowling ball attempting a strike. I have found her sitting on top of his cage a couple of times, but neither the cat or the hamster seem stressed by this, just curious.

We have made the garden a haven for small birds. This year we had a nesting pair of robins. Not the most sensible place for robins to be, considering the cat.

She is more curious than over the hamster, and may have frightened them away, although we did see one back in the garden yesterday.

And now we have a new test for the cat... fish. We have a new garden pond which is now home to 6 goldfish. Time will tell whether the dislike of water or the curiosity of the fish will win through.

We do love the cat, honestly... but it does seem we are acquiring anything we can to test her patience.

Trust me, we do not have plans to get a dog!
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