Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Finally, Spring Sunshine 3 days running.

Saturday was miserable and grey, the sun never broke through the clouds and winter seemed to be dragging on. Somehow Sunday was a complete change. The sun was out, it was warm and it felt like Spring had arrived. We no longer needed several layers when we walked the dogs. We kept Sunday as a quiet day after my difficulties of the night before but, half way through the afternoon Neil did comment on how nice a 'golf day' it had been. I think he appreciated that I was having enough trouble just breathing let alone walking for 4 hours.

I was lucky that the sunshine stayed with us on Monday, my day off. We walked into town to do all the little shopping jobs we should've done over the weekend (I love that we are close enough to walk into town) and then decided we would have a drive out to one of the local parks with the dogs. At the moment it is still winter season, so there is no charge for parking. Soon they will start to to charge £5.00 for the day - but we only tend to be there for an hour with the dogs so, I refuse to go when we have to pay.

As I had taken the dogs to Rufford Abbey 2 weeks ago, and we had done Sherwood Forest last week, I thought we would try out Clumber Park. We are very lucky to live so close to so many wonderful woodland walks and Clumber is our nearest, a mere 10 minutes drive away.

I remember going many times when I was younger but it's probably 20 years or more since I was last there. I remembered there were many little stopping places alongside the forest with good trails through the trees, and the big house down by the lake but while being vaguely familiar it was surprising how new it all felt after so many years.

The dogs loved running through the forest, investigating all the new smells left by rabbits and foxes and many other creatures, meeting other dogs out having fun in the sun.


Springtime is a lovely time of year.
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