Sunday, 10 April 2011

Bird Song


I was woken this morning at 5.24am. For once, it wasn’t by one of the pups wanting to go out, it was by the intense noise of the birds waking one another up, telling each other what a calm, clear morning it is and that they should get up and do their chores early as it’s going to be another hot day.

As I walked downstairs to make a drink, I couldn’t believe how loud the noise from the was inside the house, I genuinely began to wonder if we’d gone to bed leaving the backdoor open – but we hadn’t – the birds really were that noisy.

So, coffee mug in hand, I’ve been sitting listening to the twittering for half an hour now and suddenly, the cacophony has stopped. Not a single bird is tweeting, it’s incredibly quiet.

Does this mean the birds have all gone off to do their food finding, nest building or whatever it is that birds do in the early morning daylight?

Or have they twittered so loudly they woken the local ginger Tom, who is now prowling around their locale!

Whatever the reason for the sudden silence, this morning’s early morning birdsong was spectacular to hear.

Now, I’m off back to bed again, after all, it’s Sunday – my one day for a lie-in.




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