Sunday, 3 April 2011

Oh, so many pretty shoes - never to be worn!

I have had joint problems for many years now, some arthritic, some just wear and tear. Some I can live with, some I have changed activities to reduce the problem, some bring me to tears. But the one I struggle the most to cope with is the one that means I cannot wear pretty shoes anymore. The one that forces me to wear 'sensible shoes' all the time. The one that is causing me to 'rest' this weekend because I tried to outwit it - and it caught me out!

Temperatures have increased enough for me to leave my sensible winter shoes in the wardrobe and bring out my sensible summer shoes. In order to be pain free I have to have straps around my ankles and flat (or almost flat) heels. I cannot wear flip-flops, mules, heels........and it's not fair! I love heels, I love pretty shoes, I don't like sensible!

3 years ago I had a cortisone injection into my hip - it hurt like hell, but it's kept me painfree for 3 years. I remember the consultant told me it could last up to 3 years and I've had my full 3 years benefit - but it's finally run it's course.

I have some pretty shoes and sandals that I wear when I'm going out but not walking very far - maybe we're taking the car to a restaurant or to the cinema, I can get away with it providing I don't walk far or stand for very long.

So what in the world led me to think I could get away with wearing my wedged mules to work this week? What was in my head when I thought I could be on them all day, up and down stairs, walking through town to the bank, where was my 'sensible' head when my hip twinged on Thursday and I still didn't twig that this was a no-no?

By Friday I could hardly walk, I couldn't bear to take my weight on my hip, I was paying for 1 week of pretty shoes - how is that fair in this world?

And so, I'm back in sensible shoes, on tablets to take away the pain and inflammation, using my stick when I walk outside the door and regular sessions with the heat lamp.

I am fortunate that most of my pain is managable - as long as I remember to manage it! I am fortunate none of my problems are life-threatening but please.......

it's hard to walk past so many pairs of pretty shoes knowing I cannot wear them.

Sometimes, life seems very unfair!
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