Friday, 22 April 2011

One of those lovely moments.

When we returned to the UK we had our Sky connected up but I refused to pay for the movies channel now we were able to go to the cinema if we wanted to see anything. But I love watching films, and many for a 2nd & 3rd time so I made a promise to myself that as and when I got permanent work, I would upgrade to include the film channels.

Well, this week, I have been told my job will become permanent at the end of my 13 weeks temp contract. So, on the strength of this, we now have all the film channels.

Now, that's not the lovely moment, although I was quite thrilled to finally be told I will have a pemanent job, but the lovely moment was courtesy of Brinkley.

Last night, we settled down to watch Marley & Me. I've not read the book, although I've read many similar stories and we were in Spain when the film was released so it was new to us. Brandy was fast asleep on the other settee but Brinkley was sitting with Neil & I. From the start of the film, Brinkley never took his eyes off the screen, his little head was tilting back and forth when Marley, as a pup, was whining while in his box in the garage, if Marley barked Brinkley barked with him, he seemed to really enjoy the scenes at the beach with all the other dogs and at the end, Brinkley just watched as Marley went to sleep. We know he watches tv, and he will often watch for a couple of minutes - but last night he seemed to watch the entire film.

Film over, Brinkley got down off the settee and curled up and went to sleep.

Thanks Brinkley, you are such a sweetie!
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