Friday, 22 April 2011

Tickets booked - count down begins!

I'm so excited, I've just booked our tickets for our day at the British Open this summer. And for those of you that don't know - that's Golf!

Last year we watched it on the TV and decided that now we are back in the UK, we could fulfill one of Neil's wish list - to take me to see The Open - live. He'd been taken on a corporate day a few years ago and didn't stop talking about it for weeks - and still refers back to it. He'd always said he would take me one day but our move to Spain put that way down the list of things we would do.

Last summer we decided we would go. I scoured the websites for over night accomodation, and of course, everywhere was booked up already or mega-bucks out of our price range ......


Travel Lodge hadn't released their on line booking that far ahead, after all it was last July that we were planning this and they only release booking dates for 12 months in advance. So, 2nd August I was online and booked our room - I have the email confirmation in a very safe place!

Last August you couldn't buy tickets for this years Open, they weren't on sale - so today, I have finally booked the tickets, booked the pups into kennels and all I need to do now is book the sunshine!

We chose to go on the Friday so that we get chance to see all our favourite golfers before they cut the field down for the weekend battle. Just incase some of our favourites don't make the cut. Then we can settle down infront of the TV at the weekend to watch the closing days.

America and Europe haven't played their qualifying dates yet, they are May & June respectfully, so we don't know who'll be playing on the day - but current players listed include our favourites - Tiger Woods for Neil - and of course, the home grown talent - Lee Westwood. However, it looks like Ian Poulter, Paul Casey, and one of my favourites Sergio Garcia still need to qualify, as they are not on the current players list.

So, we're on count down to July 15th!

Yes, we still love our golf!
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