Saturday, 11 June 2011

How to save a mint and then spend it!

When we came back from Spain last year, we were unable to get a cretificate of no claims from our insurers over there and so, when it came time to insure the cars we bought we were both on a full premium. This meant our insurance for both cars came to above £1,600.

This year we've managed to both gain a years no claims bonus and after a bit of work looking around we've managed to get our renewal for just under half the amount paid last year.


And so, I decided I could now book myself in for an eye exam and new glasses as the ones I wear have become covered in scratches making it difficult to see on occassions.

Although I knew my distance vision hasn't altered much in the last 3 years, if at all, I am stuggling with my near vision now and working at my desk can be quite difficult. I'm ok with my computer work but when filling forms in or writing at my desk I either have to take my glasses off and almost have my forehead on the desk or try and write with my arm at full stretch - and even then, it's not long enough some times.

At my eye exam last night I was told I needed intermediate glasses - now this is not something I've heard of before but they will allow me to work at my desk better and still allow me to see my computer screen. They are similar to varifocals, in that the lens is graded and I will look through the top half of the lens at my computer but the bottom half of the lens to see the papers on my desk. However, unlike varifocals, the change is much less dramatic and I shouldn't suffer the feelings of swaying and motion that I did when I tried varifocals.

And so, even with the discount for buying 2 pairs together I have spent the majority of the savings I made on the insurance.

Ah well, easy come, easy go! At least I'll be able to see the money flow away from me more clearly with my new glasses!
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