Thursday, 9 June 2011

New Friends

Sometimes, Brinkley wakes me in the early hours and wants to go outside. Sometimes it's barely light enough to see him disappear up the garden. He normally mooches around a little, does what he needs to do and comes back in. But this morning somthing kept his attention beyond his normal curiosity level.

At the back of the house it was still quite dark and I could barely make out what was so interesting. At first I thought it may be something that had fallen from the roof. What ever it was, Brinkley would not come way from it. In the end I went into the house to get a torch and once there was a bit of light on the area this is what I saw.

It was very small and just sitting there. Not moving, it looked as if it had run out of energy and was in need of a rest, and the last thing it needed was some strange, hairy monster taking an interest. I kept a close eye on Brinkley to make sure he didn't hurt it but he kept getting closer and closer, until he got this close.

Eventually, I managed to persuade Brinkley to leave his new friend and come back into the house (well, I picked him up and carried him in, closing the door firmly behind us!) Brinkley paced around desperate to get back outside but I wouldn't let him and eventually he gave up and went back to bed.

In the morning, the little bird had gone. Hopefully, after a little rest it had managed to fly away to meet up with his family. All that was left of that early morning adventure was the photo.
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