Sunday, 29 April 2012

In Absentia…………….

Somehow 4 months have passed ……..

I have been busy……..

In January I went to night school. I love messing about with photos on my computer making average photos look better but I am self taught so, although I knew the basics, there were whole areas I had no idea about. Not only did I know things could be done but didn’t know how, I was also unaware of other processes that were possible. 

Our local college was running grant funded courses on Photo Editing so, I signed up for a 4 week course and learned to so so much more than I had been doing. 

It gave me something to do during the long, dark nights of winter.

Having got the learning bug, in February I signed up for a refresher course in Spanish. I spent 2 years learning the language and after 18 months back in the UK I was beginning to struggle to remember basic vocabulary. Night school beckoned and before I knew it the evenings were getting lighter and winter was passing into Spring.

March passed in a blur of work as my colleague decided one Friday morning that she’d had enough, picked up her bag and left. And didn’t come back. Recruitment has been ridiculously difficult considering the current economic/employment situation, so many people are supposed to be looking for work yet we are awaiting our 3rd new starter this week.

New starter No. 1 gave back word 2 days before starting.

New starter No. 2 started one day and 2 days later went out for lunch…..and never came back.

You may not be surprised, at this stage, to hear I am beginning to think I need to change my perfume.
And so, we await starter No. 3 – due to start this week. Fingers crossed it’s 3rd time lucky!

And so that brings us up to date, the end of another month. April is set to go down as one of the wettest for many years and today has certainly added plenty of rainfall to the total. It seems complete madness that several areas in the UK, some very nearby, currently have hosepipe bans in place while we are all beginning to get water-logged. The usual phrase when it rains is ‘well, it’s good for the gardens’ ….well not anymore, our garden cannot absorb anymore rain thank you, the water butts are full and only Brandy’s sterling effort at drinking from them is keeping them from overflowing.

Today was another learning day, but that’s for another post and I’ll try to make it sooner than another 4 months!
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