Saturday, 9 February 2013

3 by 4 rather than 6 by 2

There are days when my brain really doesn't function well, and I had one of those days this week.

Neil has baked a batch of flapjack. The tray is rectangular and he had cut them 6 pieces along the long edge and in half along the shorter edge - making 12 pieces in total.

These pieces seemed too big for a snack with a cuppa and I found I was cutting them in half again - much better.

So when he made the next batch he asked me to cut them, so I could have the right sized pieces.

After much consideration I decided that the long edge should be cut in 4, and having done this the right sized pieces meant the shorter edge needed to be cut by 3.

Much better, now I didn't feel as if I was having too large a piece of flapjack with my cuppa.

Until Neil pointed out that 3x4 may be a different shape to 6x2, but they were the same sizes treat - one twelfth.

"Oh Yes, so they are!" I had to agree.


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