Sunday, 12 May 2013

Bluebell Time

In February I visited a local Country House for the Snowdrops which I was told this year, were not as abundant as normal, but still looked very pretty. The ground behind them was a little uninspiring with the bare trees and brown leaves.

Hodsock Priory Snowdrops
 This is the same woodland today
Hodsock Priory, Carpet of Bluebells

                  It's lovely to see the change from winter to summer 
                       (we seem to have missed Spring this year)



And the Priory itself?

It's a beautiful property and a lovely setting for weddings.
Hodsock Priory, Nottinghamshire.

And while taking photos I discovered a flower I'd never heard of...

Summer Snowflake
             I thought it was a late snowdrop at first, but a quick Google 
                     and I find out it's actually a Summer Snowflake. 

                                              How pretty.

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