Friday, 3 May 2013

My hubby struggles to count to 3...

Several months ago hubby & I started beginner's ballroom classes as a way of getting some gentle exercise and having an interest for the dark winter evenings. 

We have continued to go each Tuesday evening and have learned a few more dances, all with the same 4/4 beat music meaning each set of steps starts with the same foot. We have Foxtrotted, Quick-stepped, Salsa'd, Rock 'n' Rolled and even Rhumba'd to a variety of songs, I say even Rhumba's, it is probably the hardest of the dances we have learned to date because it starts on the 2nd beat rather than the 1st, but we both enjoy it - it is a lovely dance to do.

Now, Neil has no problem counting to 3 if it's followed by 4, but when it's followed by another 1, 2, 3... then we have problems, in other words, he cannot Waltz.

Now that's a shame because I really like the Waltz, but Neil seems to either want to put an extra step in or gets bored and loses all sense of which foot should go where. I'm very happy that he will come dancing with me, has a sense of rhythm and seems to remember most of the steps, but I do wish he could get the Waltz.

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