Saturday, 22 June 2013

The Dismantler's get it right. Thank you Euro Jag.

After waiting a few days I finally couldn't wait any longer and phoned the breakers yard to see how they were getting on. He told me they had got the car from the midst of the wrecks and had started to dismantle the engine. He would ring me the following day.

Late the next day my phone rang and it was Warren. 

"Do you want the good news or the bad news?"

I told him I would have the good news first.

"We have both cats of the engine."

Dreading the bad news, which could either be they were the right parts but no good, or they were the wrong parts, I said, "go on then, what's the bad news?"

With a smirk in his voice he replied, "they'll be with your garage tomorrow."

"Are they in ok condition," I ventured. 

"They're in excellent condition, and they're on the courier as we speak."

Having assured him I would keep his number for future Jaguar emergencies, I ended the call and phoned the garage to let them know to expect the parts and to call me the following day when they arrived.

Sure enough, late the following morning the garage rang me. "They are here and they're in really good condition, and they have sent the complete units so we just have plug them on and check everything runs ok."

So, it looks like we are at the end of a long car repair, with a lot less of a dent in the bank balance and Warren's number stored safely in my mobile.

So, thank you to Euro Jag 
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