Monday, 16 September 2013

Writing a Story Book for Children - Part 2

A few weeks further on and I now have over 19,000 words written and I am over half way through the book. The story is falling together nicely, and I keep referring back to my story line time scale to make sure everything is fitting together as it should.

It is based in the 17th century and I need it to be historically accurate so research is key. Thankfully the Internet is a massive resource and by checking several sites I can normally verify the facts as being correct. I cross reference them with my research book if the topic is covered and I am hopeful that I am producing a book that will not be littered with faux pas. 

Obviously as I write I have had to consider my options for publishing and, in order to retain editorial control as well as a high royalty payment I have decided my first book will be self published. That then leads to a whole new avenue of research, and my mind is simply over run with options.

Nicely timed, an offer fell into my inbox from the company I did the initial course online with, this time it's was a course about self publishing with Kindle Direct. Again the cost was not excessive and having read what each course module covered I decided it would be beneficial to invest. This time there are 14 modules on a audio/video basis and, as before, there is a wealth of information covered that will be highly beneficial when I am ready to publish.

I am always amazed at coincidences and recently a conversation took place that again had me wondering at how small this world really is.

My job involves contacting customers about their account and over the few years I have worked at this job I have built a good rapport with a number of customers and we generally have a little chat before getting on with the main reason for the call. Such a conversation took place a few weeks ago with a customer who lives 250 miles from me. We have never met but talk 2 or 3 times a month on the phone. On this particular day we got discussing my day off and what I had been up to. She enquired whether I had spent the day at the local shopping mall, or lazing in a Spa. Neither, I informed her, I had been working on my book. She expressed an interest and I began to tell her a bit about it. I've always wanted to illustrate a book, says she. I'm looking for an illustrator, says I and hey presto, we are now in collaboration on the front cover to my story.

So, my labour of love continues. So far, the plot in my head is translating onto the page and seems to be working out as I hoped. In a few weeks the first draft will be done and the hard work of editing and proof reading will begin, in the meantime I am thoroughly enjoying this phase of writing, watching the story unfold and seeing my characters deal with the challenges I throw at them. I have experienced the times sitting at my desk waiting for inspiration to come and nothing, and equally I have the times when the story flows so well I am still typing at 2 and 3am. Sometimes a single sentence can lead to an entire chapter being written in one sitting and, if hubby is not around to refill my coffee mug, it can be hours before I realise I haven't had a break. I get totally absorbed in my story and I hope this will translate into readers being equally entranced by it.

It has been an ambition of mine for several years to see my name on a book, on a bookshelf, and it really is starting to feel as if this is one ambition I will achieve. And that is a real motivator to continue...

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