Sunday, 20 October 2013

Malta Day 4

We awoke to bright sunshine and decided to drive to Mdina, the walled city which used to be the capital of Malta. The main entrance is across a bridge of arches 

 But somehow we managed to arrive at the back entrance to the city.

Mdina is a labyrinth of narrow streets, all just wide enough to take a small car but as cars are banned from the city, save for a few belonging to the residents, the main way of getting about is on foot. There are horse and cart rides to be taken bu it's actually quite nice wandering around the quiet street.

There were statues all over the place...

Lovely houses hidden in little courtyards...


And fabulous views across Malta from a cafe overlooking the walls...

After wandering all around Mdina we decided to take a drive out to Dingley cliffs for a late lunch. High on the cliffs was a restaurant aptly named The Cliffs and just across the road you can see why.

On the way back we followed directions for the craft village, completely unaware what we would find. It turned out to be a site full of old nissan huts that had been converted to a variety of craft shops selling all sorts of pottery, glass, jewelry and clothing. 

There are some purpose built buidlings...

And in one of them they were hand blowing glass.

Overall, we had a great day driving around the Island on day 3.

In the evening we got chatting to 2 other couples in the hotel bar and started to compare our rooms. We have aircon but no remote to change the temperature, it's either on or off but we do have a remote to the tv, although we only have 3 channels, one in English, one in German and one in Italian. Lorraine and Steve had no electric for 2 days and had been given emergency lights and when they did have electric they only had Turkish tv. Brian and Kim had leaky toilet and had towels wrapped around the base to prevent the bathroom flooding, they had German tv and no tv remote but do they do have a remote to the aircon. And we all have a switch that we don't know what it does but in different places.

Compared to no electric and leaky toilets, I thought we were doing fairly well.
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