Saturday, 7 December 2013

Writing Course Deal

Yesterday, I was sent a link to a discount website I hadn't heard of before called KGB deals. On it was another online writing course specifically aimed at people wanting to self publish an e-book.

As someone who feels any information is good information and knowing how much I got from the previous 2 online courses I did, I have treated myself to an early Christmas present.

This course does not require you to pass a test before accessing further modules, and so far it is all written rather than audio do I can work on it without annoying others in the room.

Another key element of getting the book published is getting a good front cover. I think I have finally found a good illustrator that has previously designed book covers and worked with a publisher. I am hoping to meet with them before Christmas to work through my design so fingers crossed, that's another element sorted.

I've now passed 30,000 words and the storyline is developing well, so my March publishing target is still looking good.
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