Friday, 24 July 2015

Any letter but K...

I have been away from Blogger for almost a year. I needed a break, time to rebuild, time to find a sense of purpose after everything in life went sour.

So, a year on I feel it's time to switch the laptop on and re-join living with a sense of purpose. Time to complete some of those unfinished plans.

We all know the saying when one door closes another one opens... well, it's true, but many of us, me included, focus on the door that closed when we should be looking at the door that has opened. It's taken me a while and a lot of changes, new home, new town, new job, new man... but finally, I feel content again.

And as for the letter K, I have a sticky 'k' on this keyboard and when I press it once I get millions. My trusty, faithful laptop died and as Windows 8 was cancelled and Windows 9 not available, I decided to get a refurbished laptop for now. It's fine, except it's french and so some of the keys don't have the correct symbol on them and the characters above the numbers are all one to the right of the symbol, if I want an "( " I have to press ")", but only from the 6 onwards. It took a while to discover the @ and the : they are where they should be but hidden under french symbols.

Hey ho, there's always something to takkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkke the edge of a good day!
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