Sunday, 18 September 2011

One week on and the back is just about sorted.

It's been a week of doing very little. By the end of a day at work my back was beginning to ache and so in the evenings I rested it, a gentle walk with the dogs, a soak in the hottub was about as energetic as I got. The Wii had stayed firmly stored away under the sideboard and I tried hard not to comfort eat even though I felt so in need of a variety of comfort food, especially with the massive change in the weather. Autumn came in with a bang this week with torrential downpours which had flash-flooding closing the main A57 road on Thursday. The week started with terrific winds courtesy of the hurricane hitting the American east coast.

By Thursday I felt I needed to start using the Wii again, as it's been a disappointing month since reaching my first target. After sticking to my eating plan for a few more weeks I didn't lose a pound. It fluctuated throughout the month but I reached my target date without making any indent on my target loss. At least I hadn't put anything on!

So, it was no surprise when I turned the Wii on and it matter of factly advised me that I'd not reached my target and needed to set a new target.

So, this next month I have been more cautious. 1lb per week.

My Sketchers trainers finally fell to bits this week and so I've treated myself to a new pair. They are ideal for dog walking across the fields and round the park, just so comfortable. I decided, with the winter months approaching, I would go for a darker colour rather than the usual white, so I've bought these in brown.

Neil also needed new trainers and we managed to save a total of £10 by picking up a voucher from the counter next to the cash till and handing that in with the 2 pairs of shoes. It makes it easier for me to accept the cost of a pair of Sketchers if I can save a bit somehow.

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