Sunday, 15 July 2012

Where Rainbows End

I was always a big book reader. I loved a variety of genres and would jump from one to another. I then seem to lose interest for several years but continued to buy books and have them on my bookcase knowing my love of books would return.

Last year I had a Kindle as a present and it has re'kindled' my love of books. I had discovered Cecelia Aherne when she wrote her first book P.S.I Love You and so I decided I would read a another of her books and see if I I enjoyed it as much. I chose 'If You Could See Me Now'  and thoroughly enjoyed it (I'm not going to include a synopsis of each book as they are readily available here:

So, over the last couple of years I have read her further books, enjoying each one. But there was one book, her 2nd,  that I couldn't get into. This week I decided to give it another go.

It's written as a series of notes, messages, letters and texts from varies characters as the years pass and I think this was taking a little getting used to.

I downloaded the sample to my kindle and, for some reason, this time i latched into the format from the first page and within a couple of days I was downloading the full version.

A week later, I have just read the last page and thoroughly enjoyed it. 

Well worth a read. 
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