Saturday, 25 August 2012

Impatient for news.

For 24 hours I turned all kinds of thoughts over in my head until I was driving myself crazy. The one rational thought that I kept pushing to the forefront was that the hospital would have called me back sooner if there was anything seriously wrong, but I couldn't settle so I decided I would ring my doctor to see if she had heard anything. It was lunchtime when I called and she was out. They said they would get her to ring me when she was back. By 5pm I had settled myself to not hearing from her and made a mental note to call her the following day.

Then, not more than 2 minutes later my phone rang. I told her of my recall to the hospital and asked if she had heard anything. She had. She told me in a very matter of fact tone that I was being checked as they had found indications in my first test of 2nd degree av block, which she told me meant the electrics in my heart didn't work properly and so there was elongation between beats and this could result in my heart missing a beat on occasions. 

I wrote it all down as she said it, but I didn't take it in.

The CT scan doctor who had requested I have a heart check as well had done good. I had been referred to the Cardiologist and he had requested the 2nd, longer test. I asked what this could mean and she told me, worse case scenario is a pacemaker, but she didn't think we were anywhere near that.

I thanked her and cancelled the call. 


I felt well, since losing weight through my new eating regime, I had felt fitter than for some time. They couldn't be right. I didn't have dizzy spells, no fainting, there was no history of heart problems in the family. My work colleagues could tell something was wrong and came over. 

I simply said, 'they've found something wrong with my heart! It can't be too serious or they would have me straight in but there is a problem'.
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