Monday, 1 October 2012

Has a low saturated fat diet done the trick?

It is over 3 months since I was told that my triglycerides were too high at +3. According to the internet I should be aiming for below 1.7. From reading up about triglycerides, they do respond well to diet change so I am hopeful I will see some significant reduction in the level if I'm not actually back to where I should be. 

I've been for my blood test this morning, once again joining the ranks of the pensioner brigade in the dash for a ticket to try and reduce the waiting time. I've been a couple of times now, so I know the routine and I'm quicker on my legs than most of them so a bit of body swerving normally gets me from the door downstairs to the waiting room upstairs in a few seconds less then the majority.

Now, I have another week to wait for my results - appointment next Tuesday. 

Having had my test I can now be a little naughty as it won't influence the outcome, but equally, if I'm not there yet all I'll be doing is giving myself more work to do, oh the decisions we have to make as a grown up!

It's almost 2 weeks since my operation and I have yet to get the Wii fit out to see what my weight has done in that time, I have certainly been less active and probably not been as good with my diet as I should so I expect to be told off by the little Wii monster that waves me goodbye each time.

Well, no time like the present - I'll go and find out right now!

Wish me luck!




And it's not bad, not bad at all. I have only gained 1lb in 2 weeks of sitting about recovering from my operation. I'm well pleased with that.

Tomorrow, back to work full-time, back to normal and back to healthy living!
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