Sunday, 21 August 2011

It just fell on me ‘ead! So I ate it.

This greeted us on the door mat when we got home one day last week

2011-08-17 Letter Cage

I had been bidding on a pair of bookends on Ebay a few days earlier and had won. This was the card left by the Postman to say he had tried to deliver them.  Ooops!

When we are out of the house, Brinkley lays on the doormat  and looks through the glass panel that runs down the side of the front door. What is happening for the first time in his short 3 and a half year life is that when the post is being delivered it now comes through the door halfway up, and falls on Brinkley’s head.

So he ate it!

Neil went to the Post Office the following day, taking with him the evidence that they had a package for us. Fortunately he got a worker with a sense of humour and he got the package.

Thinking back over the houses we have lived in since we got the pups, none of them have had a letterbox in the door, they’ve all had a box mounted on an external wall so it’s hardly surprising that this new method of the mail arriving has caused Brinkley to retaliate.

And so, we are now the proud owner of a letter box cage.


And, I'm bidding on another pair of bookends as I type, with 3 minutes left I am the only, and therefore winning bidder so I'm off to keep an eye on the last few minutes.
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