Monday, 27 August 2012

A Day Away from the Grown Up Stuff!

I love the beach, I've always enjoyed walking along the edge of the sea. Trying to pick a line where I'm close to the incoming waves, but just far enough in so as not to get my feet wet.

Yesterday, Neil suggested a trip to the coast so we could walk the dogs along the beach and enjoy the promised sunshine. I 'googled' for dog-friendly beaches as many that allow dogs out of summer season do not let them on the beach during July & August and Skipsea beach came up. It looked good for dog walking, very long, sandy with lots of pebbles. It's on the east coast between Hornsea and Bridlington.

The dogs are great travellers in the car so a journey of an hour or two is never a problem. We loaded up the car with a coat for every occasion, incase it was cold, windy, rainy....... whatever the weather was going to do, we had a coat so our walk would not be spoiled.

The satnav took us through Beverley, a lovely little market town with a popular horse race course. It never occurred to me to check if there were races on, and there was. We knew as soon as we reached the outskirts that the volume of traffic could only mean one thing. As we slowly edged nearer we could see from the number of ladies in posh outfits and the men in dressy suits that it was a full race day. Going slowly through the town I noticed a sign that said to be aware as cattle could be on the road from an unfenced area. 

And they weren't kidding, as we started to leave the town we were met by 2 of the largest, black cows I've ever seen close-up. They were stood in the road blocking our way. From our seated position in the car, we were looking up to them. 

Finally one of them started to walk across the road and out of our way and the other followed and we could continue on our way. One very good reason i would not want to live in Beverley, I really could not deal with that on a regular basis. 

Eventually our satnav took us alongside a large caravan park and down to the coast at Skipsea. We parked just a few yards from the beach and decided we needed nothing more than our fleeces. The dogs were getting excited and we unloaded them and set off to the beach. It was reasonably busy with several dogs and children playing in the sea as well as running around on the beach.

The sea looked cold and I knew our 2 would not venture in and would only get wet if a wave took them by surprise. We had a lovely long walk along the edge of the sea, the pups saying 'hi' to every dog that went past.

Once we decided it was time to turn around and head back we could see the dark clouds gathering and realised we had timed our walk perfectly, we even had time for a coffee and a jam scone (these are allowed on my list of items in moderation) before heading home.

We decided to come home via Driffield to avoid the racecourse traffic and the cows in Beverley. The area around Skipsea is full of lovely, villages with pretty churches and proper village centres. Many of them showed signs of having had heavy rain but our drive home was dry and once home, Brandy & Brinkley slept for the rest of the afternoon, worn out from their long walk on the beach.

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